“The purpose of art is to wash away the dust of daily living off our souls.” – Picasso


I paint a lot like I cook… a little of this here and a little of that there.  Stand back, take a taste, take another look and add or change things as needed.


My mother was an artist who played a big part in how art has influenced me, not only as a painter but in performance arts as well.  I have been involved in performance art most of my life as an actor in live stage, television and a brief moment or two in a film. My mother ensured that I got a taste of it all.


I’ve done a lot of other stuff to get by while making a living and experiencing great life moments. With painting, I taste the blood, I feel my heart…I slide down the razor blade of life.


Painting abstractly has proved to be a gateway to further my creative endeavors. I focus on color, shape, and form.  Emotion drives me to seek balance in it all.  Past experiences all play a big role in decision making for the canvas. Painting almost every day has been the catalyst for learning.  If you love something as much as I love painting, you will do your best to learn about it by doing it often and passionately.


I have recently begun a search for art that has made me reach far into myself as a human being, and out of my day to day thought process which has to do with simply living one’s day, day to day.  How does one create something interesting and beautiful from color, shape, and form having emotion as the driving force?


I believe one must take a chance and go beyond a day to day existence. Pick up the tools of your trade, the movement of your passion, grit your teeth and squeeze your soul, pinch the inside of your thigh and jump off the diving board into the bone-chilling water. Stretch your thought process every day and let it take you to creative places no matter what you do. Painting is an emotion that will set you free.


I am a lonely painter. I live in a box of paint. I’m frightened by the devil…and drawn to those ones who ain’t.” – Joni Mitchell